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About UWC Liberia

UWC Liberia is part of the United World colleges (UWC)  movement, which makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

UWC Liberia aims at promoting selfless leadership, international and intercultural understanding, mutual responsibility and respect, a sense of idealism, personal challenge and personal example. 

UWC Liberia has sent a considerate number of students to the various United World Colleges through its national committee. In 1998 UWC Liberia sent its first student to UWC Red Cross Nordic (UWCRCN) in Norway. Recently in 2015, UWC Liberia sent two Liberian students, one in UWCRCN and the other in UWC Changshu. Early this year 2019, UWC Liberia sent six students to the United World Colleges. 

UWC Liberia selects astute and well - rounded Liberian students who are from the class range of 9th to 12th grade. Every year the UWC Liberia National committee sends out application forms to the general public and to schools. Students that complete the application forms and submit it, their applications are automatically reviewed by the national committee. The national committee selects up to 500 applicants for the evaluation process.  The evaluation process is a vigorous one with many stages and projects.