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Stages of the UWC Application process

Stages of the UWC Application process:


Stage I


The process starts from each High School nominating their top five students from 9th grade to 12.


Stage II


After evaluation of  the nominees, an aptitude exam is administered to those students and the top 50 will be forwarded to the third stage. This exam will focus on  English, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Core Mathematics


Stage III


Peer Evaluation: this stage the evaluation will be done by students and Alumni who have gone through the UWC selection process. This evaluation will be based on writing skills, critical thinking, and presentation.


Stage IV


Project Week: The top 15 (will be divided into three groups) and will be given one week to come up with a project (for Project Week) and a final presentation that will be evaluated by UWC volunteers. From the Evaluation, the top ten will be selected for the final stage.


Stage V  


Panelist of Nine professionals. Each student will have 20 minutes to state why they are the best to be nominated for this year selection process.

The Top Three will be Nominated and the rest placed on the waiting list.