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To All Heads,

Senior High Schools

Dear Headmaster/Headmistress,



On behalf of the Liberian National Committee of United World Colleges, I am writing to inform you that there are opportunities this year for three full scholarships to some United World Colleges for suitable Liberian students.


The UWCs are co-educational international residential colleges which offer students of all races and creeds the opportunity of developing International Understanding through a program which combines high quality academic study with activities which encourage a sense of adventure and social responsibility. More information on the program is available at and ALL applicants are required to familiarise themselves with the program and its objectives before applying.


Please note that UWCs are NOT tertiary institutions, as they only offer a two-year pre-University diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is administered by the IB Office in Geneva. The IB fulfills University entry requirements in most countries of the world, including Europe.




This year, applications are open to students from 9th – 12th Grade, age 16-19. Please select (5) of your best candidates and have them fill out the attached application form. Please use the attached specimen application form to make more copies for your selected candidates



Completed application forms should be returned to the National Coordinator Saye-Maye Cole at Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Third Floor (WASH Office: 0777 31 5884) by the 10th of October 2019. Any applications received after October 10, 2018 will NOT be considered.



A written examination will be conducted in English, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Core Mathematics on Saturday, 12th October 2019 at 8:30 am. Location of the aptitude test will be at SOS Children Village in Matadi Estate. Students who meet the second round requirements will be called or texted to come for the examination (Dress code: School Uniform). Successful applicants will be invited for the next stage.